What's this site about?

The goal of this site has always been to help old and new graphic novel fans find something to new to read. Currently I'm listing the top 100 graphic novels of all time, because I think this should give anyone a good starting point. After that I'll be posting weekly reviews and recommendations based on what I'm reading at the time.

Contact Me

Reviews: Are you a writer, artist or publisher with a new comic coming out? I'm always happy to review new graphic novels, so feel free to email me.

Advertising: Are you an advertiser with a new product graphic novel fans would like? There is space on the site to advertise things I feel comic book readers would actually want.

Anything else: Do you disagree with the top 100 comics list and want to set me straight about it? Is there an amazing comic you just read that you want to recommend? I'm always happy to chat about graphic novels (and everything else) so if you've got something to say or something you want to ask then drop me an email.

Email Address: top100graphicnovels AT gmail.com

Thanks for visiting the site!

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