#45 – Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Behind every good graphic novel movie is a great graphic novel book, and so it is the case with number forty-five in our list – Scott Pilgrim. Many of you will already be familiar with the story of Scott Pilgrim, a teenage wannabe musician who falls in love with a girl and finds he has to fight all of her exes before he can properly be with her.

Since its 2004 publication Scott Pilgrimhas built up a swelling fan base, masses of critical acclaim and even a few awards for author Bryan Lee O’Malley. A self-taught artist, O’Malley used manga and Japanese comic as inspiration for some of the bold stylistic choices that mark Scott Pilgrim as an original work, and it marks him out as a major talent in the graphic novel world.

Despite the crazy characters and over-the-top storylines the ideas in Scott Pilgrim will hit home for many people. I know that some of the themes reminded me of my own teenage years, and even if it made me wince a little I enjoyed reading the book. I think every guy should be issued a copy of Scott Pilgrim when he turns thirteen, perhaps as some sort of puberty pack that will help tell you how to act and how not to act as a teenager.

At this point I need to give out a piece of advice; if you’re going to start reading Scott Pilgrim, keep your wallet open. You’ll burn through the books in no time and as soon as you read the last page on one book you’ll find yourself ordering the next edition. I can’t wait to see what O’Malley does next, because big things clearly await the young author in the future.

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