#34 – Superman for All Seasons by Jeph Loeb

This is Superman’s first solo outing in our list and it comes courtesy of writer Jeph Loeb and illustrators Tim Sale and Bjarne Hansen. Before starting work on Superman for All Seasons Loeb and Sale had just had a major success with a different DC character in their book Batman: The Long Halloween (soon to appear in our list).

Superman for all season takes place across Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and takes a look at the important years of Superman’s past, the ones that started him on his track to becoming the superhero we know. Loeb chose to have each season narrated by a different member of the comic’s cast, with Jonathan Kent kicking things off in Spring.

To go from something as good as The Long Halloween and follow it straight up with Superman for All Seasons shows that Loeb and Sale were on great form at the time. Loeb would later go on to work on the Smallville show and Lost, whereas Sale would work on Hulk, Spiderman and Catwoman. If superhero books are your thing, there few with pedigrees as good as Loeb and Sale.

This is a story of Superman and his roots. It is about responsibilities, listening to your conscience and learning about yourself. It is a beautiful story that shows us exactly why we all love Superman and why the character has taken a place in the cultural landscape of America. He embodies what we aspire to be and what we look up to, and with the great writing and stunning artwork Loeb and Sale do the hero justice. If you’re a fan of Superman already you have probably read this. If you’ve never read a book about the character, this is a great place to begin.

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