#81 - Daredevil: Guardian Devil


Ignore the Ben Afflek movie. Try and forget it ever existed, like the whole production was an April fools joke or something dreamt up in the clammy recesses of your imagination, where your darkest nightmares wait. Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit. The Daredevil movie was bad, but not that bad. In fact for some, it was a perfectly okay movie; just not for Daredevil fans. People who have read the books loathe the movie, and it is because they have so much love for the character that they feel this way.

So what makes Daredevil so good? Well first, he's another Stan Lee character (told you there would be more). Not to sound like I'm trying to kiss Stan's ass, but his work on a character is usually a hallmark of quality. Secondly, he's a disabled superhero who doesn't let his affliction hamper his fight against crime.

In case you aren't familiar with the character, Daredevil is Matt Murdoch, a New Yorker who is left blind after an accident with a radioactive substance (seems like a pretty common way to get superpowers). The radioactive substance heightens Matt's other senses beyond all human ability, and after his boxer father is murdered by gangsters for refusing to take a fall in a fight, Matt dons a red suit and becomes Daredevil. A notable power of Daredevil was given to him by legendary artist and writer Frank Miller; he gave him the ability to hear the Hulk's heartbeat from four blocks away. As if the sound of metal being smashed and thrown about wasn't enough of a give away that the green monster was afoot.

Daredevil: Guardian Devil is an eight part Daredevil story that thrusts a child into the hero arms, one that might be the messiah or could be a very naughty boy. So naughty, in fact, that he could be the Antichrist. Full of virgin births, ex-porn stars with HIV and the breaking heart of the daredevil himself, this isn't light-hearted Sunday afternoon reading. But it is one of the best Daredevil stories ever written. Some baulk at how serious a story it can be, and some feel the ending is rushed, but if you like Daredevil, you should read this graphic novel.

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