#73 - Neil Gaiman's Midnight Days

The early stories of a graphic novel master.

There can never be enough praise given to the man who wrote The Sandman and American Gods, but I'm not going to gush about him here. Suffice to say that Neil Gaiman has written some pretty good stuff. Pretty, pretty pretty good. We will be seeing more of the fifty-one year old's work later in this list, but his first entry into the top 100 is Midnight Days.

Midnight Days is the sort of book that could quite easily never have seen the light of day. A collection of stories from a young author's mind, Midnight Days is early-Gaiman, tales he wrote before he gained a wealth of comic book experience. It was only his success with Sandman (later in the list) that opened the door for him to publish this compilation, and it's lucky for us that he did.

The stories are varied. There's a John Constanine story, a Swamp Thing tale, a yarn he wrote to impress DC comics and ... I'm running out of synonyms for story. I could use a thesaurus, but I'm trying not to do that, it feels too much like defeat. I think you get the point about this book anyway - it is full of Neil Gaiman stories you won't have read before. If you're a fan of Sandman or American Gods, I fully recommend it.

The only downfall of this collection is that with the stories all being unrelated, you really have to be a Neil Gaiman fan to fully enjoy it. For that reason, this is not a graphic novel that has mainstream appeal. You might question then, why I would include it in a list that is designed to help comic fans find something to read. Well, I think if you give it a chance, you'll like it. I also think it is interesting to see a major talent in its early stages, before it developed the shiny glint that only comes with experience. If you're a young graphic novel writer yourself, then here is what a great writer was doing when he was starting out.

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